Adaptation of the electrical distribution system to the Electric Vehicle

The electrical energy to be consumed has to be transformed. As much as we increase generation through new wind farms and other power plants.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is (the CeTur) silent, as a enclosure for the capacity of internal elements that can be integrated?

Yes of course, the Cetur has labyrinths of noise attenuation in operation, therefore there is no noise pollution.

​How is technical access or the access of possible intruders?

The CeTur is made up of two enclosures, a CT envelope and an aesthetic envelope, therefore there is a double difficulty of access. Both the space for Telecontrol, Smart Grids applications, as well as CT for external operation, are separated by doors with retainers and mechanical aids to ensure security and avoid maneuvering without the presence of people, as well as uncontrolled access.

Why would you need to expand your parking lot’s, streets etc. EV’s charging capacity?

One of the added values of Twelcon is that we help you plan the future of EV charging. Amongst other things it is key to determine what the expected growth of the charge demand will be. How much more cars will demanding EV charging at you parking lot or street??
There is one thing you don’t want: have to throw away all EV charging hardware you purchase today in just 2 years.
​We help you to build an expandable system, ready for the future; so having the lowest cost (or highest profit) out of your investments.

Want to know why and how our systems are smarter??

Your systems need to be complete; all the hardware should be there.
Transformer, enclosure and charging points itself.
Also you need to be sure it is state of the art; the best quality available.
Twelcon makes sure that is the case; certificates, patents and ISO standards.
But next to that we offer Twelcon Smart. Meaning that we know how EV charging is done best.
It is the practice of EV charging and psychology behind it incorporated in our solutions.

How does the CeTur behave in fact of geological or climatological unforeseen events?

The CeTur is designed to offer great impact protection, avoiding the absence of collapse. It is made up of a solid and flexible metal structure to protect against earthquakes and it has a watertight collection tank for possible spilled oils to contribute to environmental protection 

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