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TWELCON continues with the development and manufacture of different equipment installed on public roads; Working on the Electric Vehicle sector without neglecting those factors that characterize us, as we still continue keeping in mind, at all times, the beauty of the urban scene, saving space, public service and sustainability. In this sense, TWELCON has devised the following products for the electric recharge sector

… if we do not have enough Transformation Centers in our cities, we will not be able to bring the appropriate energy to the final consumer.

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Refill systems

IEC 62196 is an international standard for the set of electrical connectors and charging modes for electric vehicles and is maintained by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
IEC 62196 refers to charging modes defined in IEC 61851-1, which includes:


Mode I: Basic AC recharging system, without communications.
Mode II: AC system, with communication protocol between charging station and vehicle.


Mode III: AC system, with communication protocol between charging station and vehicle.
Mode IV: DC system (CHAdeMO), with communication protocol between charging station and vehicle.

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Standard CHAdeMO

The CHAdeMO standard takes care of two issues: the language of communication between the vehicle and the quick charge point, and the physical connection of both (the connector).
Voltage of 500V and 125A in Direct Current supplying up to 62.5kW during a charge of approximately 30 minutes are the parameters to be met by these chargers.
There is a race between the Charging systems, the CHAdeMO 2.0 version reaches 400 KW and in the immediate future we will see CHAdeMO 3.0, also called “ChaoJi”, ideal to offer loads at 500 KW. In this way, an 80 kWh battery could be charged in approx. 10 minutes.

2 important answers:
a) Have 500 KW power at the charging point. CeTur solves that problem.
b) The vehicle and batteries must be prepared to accept this type of charge.

CCS Combined Loading System

Combined CCS Type 2 connector according to IEC 62196 standard. Also called Combo2 and used in Europe.

Although the goal of having a single charging connector has been postponed, the World is divided into two main systems, the network with Japan and North America that have chosen a single-phase connector in their 100-120 network. / 240 volts (type 1), while the rest of the world, including China and Europe, is opting for a single-phase, 230-volt, and three-phase, 400-volt (Type2) network access connector.

Also CCS joins the aforementioned ultra-fast load stroke reaching 400 KW, always with known limitations.

Conector CCS

CeTur constitutes an efficient solution for offering up to 1000kVA in 3.5 m2 of footprint and with a quick return on your investment

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