The solution of an urban transformation center

The key to the Electric Vehicle infrastructure is the Transformation Centers. The increase in generation in power plants, micro-generations, Smart Grids, etc .; they do not guarantee low voltage supply at future consumption points; We must increase the power distributed in Low Voltage through a greater number of Transformation Centers.
In cities CeTur is the Solution
In city centers, the difficulty of locating a new transformation center is a fact, due to the lack of space and aesthetic problems.

Cetur Twelcon

Developed to Protect

CeTur was also developed with the idea of caring for the environment and preserving people’s health.


LOW EMISSIONS: Noise - Vibrations - Radiations


SAFE MAINTENANCE: Minimizes occupational risks.











Ahead of its time

Adaptation of the electrical distribution system to the Electric Vehicle

Until now, they have been houses, public lighting, etc .; and from now on we have to add a new strong consumer, automobiles. EVs represent a percentage of the car fleet that will increase, until it exceeds the current thermal vehicle.

Energy transfer from gas stations to electric charging stations

At gas stations, fuel arrives through a tanker truck; At the electric charging stations, it arrives through a Transformation Center that provides the extra contribution of electrical energy, since the distribution network is adjusted and designed for current demand.

CeTur with a maximum power of 1,000 KVA

Multiple chargers (depending on the power of each one) can be connected to a CT, to serve urban lighting, buildings, companies and supply electric vehicle service with in-line chargers and fast chargers.


A product that promotes


The energy obtained in the current gas stations (polluting fuel) must be balanced at the Electric Charging Points (ecological fuel).


The chargers can be located in central areas where space becomes more expensive and aesthetics prevail


Repower the area with Transformation Centers close to these new consumption points, electric chargers

Special center for urban transformation

An aesthetic envelope for transformer substations (CT) up to 1000kVA in 20kV or 30kV networks
Assimilable with the rest of the urban furniture, it occupies 3.5 m2 of footprint and has 4 standard advertising panels of size 1800x1200mm
The solution for Town Halls, Transformer and Cell manufacturers, Electric Companies, Power Distribution Companies, etc.
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CeTur constitutes an efficient solution for offering up to 1000kVA in 3.5 m2 of footprint and with a quick return on your investment

The novelty of CeTur






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“The only real and innovative solution to install transformation centers in urban areas

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