Electrical equipment & Distribution and Power Transformers. Aesthetic enclosures to conceal urban energy control and distribution substations, low voltage racks, street and traffic lighting control... etc. as well as those called Electricity Transformer Substations.

CeTur acronym which in Spanish stands for: Centro especial de Transformación urbano (Special Urban Transformer Substation), is an aesthetic transformer substation of up to 1000kVA in 20kV or 30kV networks.

CeTur fits in with the rest of urban furniture has a footprint of 3,5 m2 and 4 standard advertising boards of 1800x1200mm.

CeTur is the solution for councils, transformer and switchgear manufacturers, Distribution Network Operators, etc.

With CeTur, the payback time for transformer substations is reduced from 35 to 3 years.